The most widely used currencies in Iran

US Dollar to Iranian Toman

1 usd

Euro to Iranian Toman

1 eur

British Pound	 to Iranian Toman

1 gbp

Turkish Lira to Iranian Toman

1 try

UAE Dirham to Iranian Toman

1 aed

Iranian Toman

IR Toman

BUY: 22300

sell: 22400

BUY: 25235

sell: 25385

BUY: 28155

sell: 28355

BUY: 3245

sell: 3265

BUY: 6080

sell: 6100

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All prices are in Iranian Toman (1 Toman = 10 Rials)

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All prices on are in Iranian Toman


Official money exchanges can be found in all major cities in Iran. Exchanges are called “Sarrafi” in Persian. Many exchanges in Tehran are located in Ferdowsi Square.


No, Iran does not have access to the international banking system. International credit cards like visa and master cards are not accepted anywhere in Iran. Shops, public transportation, hotels and restaurants will only accept cash or Iranian debit cards.


The rates displayed on are acquired from exchanges in Tehran.