Currencies exchange rate to Iranian Toman

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Code Currency Buy Sell
USD to Toman rateUSD US Dollar 25,500 25,600
EUR to Toman rateEUR Euro 30,265 30,415
GBP to Toman rateGBP British Pound 35,560 35,760
CHF to Toman rateCHF Swiss Franc 28,060 28,210
CAD to Toman rateCAD Canadian Dollar 20,420 20,520
AUD to Toman rateAUD Australian Dollar 18,790 18,890
SEK to Toman rateSEK Swedish Krona 2,975 2,990
NOK to Toman rateNOK Norwegian Krone 2,910 2,925
RUB to Toman rateRUB Russian Ruble 346 349
THB to Toman rateTHB Thai Baht 775 780
SGD to Toman rateSGD Singapore Dollar 18,805 18,905
HKD to Toman rateHKD Hong Kong Dollar 3,265 3,295
AZN to Toman rateAZN Azerbaijani Manat 15,065 15,165
AMD to Toman rateAMD 10Armenian Dram 525 530
Code Currency Buy Sell
DKK to Toman rateDKK Danish Krone 4,070 4,090
AED to Toman rateAED UAE Dirham 6,950 6,970
JPY to Toman rateJPY 10Japanese Yen 2,320 2,330
TRY to Toman rateTRY Turkish Lira 2,990 3,010
CNY to Toman rateCNY Chinese Yuan 3,940 3,960
SAR to Toman rateSAR KSA Riyal 6,795 6,825
INR to Toman rateINR Indian Rupee 342 344
MYR to Toman rateMYR Ringgit 6,010 6,040
AFN to Toman rateAFN Afghan Afghani 319 321
KWD to Toman rateKWD Kuwaiti Dinar 84,795 85,195
IQD to Toman rateIQD 100Iraqi Dinar 1,745 1,755
BHD to Toman rateBHD Bahraini Dinar 67,410 67,910
OMR to Toman rateOMR Omani Rial 66,195 66,495
QAR to Toman rateQAR Qatari Riyal 7,000 7,030

All prices are in Iranian Toman (1 Toman = 10 Rials)

Last modified : July 29, 2021, 2:01 p.m. (UTC)

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All prices on are in Iranian Toman


Official money exchanges can be found in all major cities in Iran. Exchanges are called “Sarrafi” in Persian. Many exchanges in Tehran are located in Ferdowsi Square.


No, Iran does not have access to the international banking system. International credit cards like visa and master cards are not accepted anywhere in Iran. Shops, public transportation, hotels and restaurants will only accept cash or Iranian debit cards.


The rates displayed on are acquired from exchanges in Tehran.